Astle, Della

My grandfather gave me my first camera for my seventh Birthday, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t take photographs. Over the years I’ve enjoyed photographing a wide range of subjects, but in recent years I’ve concentrated more on abstract configurations, particularly looking at structural/graphic forms in architecture and peoples’ interactions with them. I like to look for patterns, unusual shapes and symmetry from an alternative perspective.

My love of the black and white image stems from a long-standing interest in the history of photography.  I’m captivated by how the social history of a particular era can be documented visually, by capturing snapshots of everyday life in its printed images.

I’ve been using digital equipment exclusively for many years now, but have recently returned to using 35mm film, using an ever-expanding collection of vintage cameras and re-learning techniques I’d almost forgotten. It’s a challenge, but the results are rewarding.