Cooper, Paul

My first camera was a Fed4L rangefinder camera, on which I learnt the basics of photography where budget dictated the use of black and white film.  Like many of us, I have moved through different cameras and systems, but I have never lost my love of monochrome and in recent years, I find that the majority of my images are captured in this format using Fujifilm Acros (even if the raw files are in colour). I still believe in the adage of getting things right in camera even using digital.

My main areas of interest are landscape and seascapes in particular along with more gritty industrial settings. I spent my formative years in the Peak District and still do a lot of my photography there. 12 years ago we embarked on a plan to visit all of the habitable Hebrides, and are a long way through that. Photographically I will try almost anything, although I must admit that portraiture still fills me with dread.

I find the creative elements of photography a great balance to a demanding work life.