David Hunt

My interest in photography started in my teenage tears, now a long time ago, with a small compact film camera which I used for a few months at Manchester University before it was stolen. Somewhat put off by this experience I restarted my interest 7 or 8 years later to preserve memories of a new family. I mainly used colour transparencies but was fascinated by black and white photography and spent many hours in a darkened out bathroom developing negatives and prints – frequently ruined by one of the children opening the door and asking what I was doing !!

The advent of digital photography coincided with my interest in computing and so the darkroom days which were over, although I still have a couple of film camera, which I use occasionally for nostalgia. My background in black and white developing at home left me with a keen interest in this genre which focuses on form and shape without the distraction of colour. Had my attempts at domestic colour printing been anything other than disastrous then I would have perhaps not have favoured monochrome.

I am predominantly a landscape photographer based just outside Nottingham and most of my images are of this country or Western Europe. Increasingly I have been trying to expand my subject range and close up and wildlife photography are areas that I am now exploring.

I mainly use Canon SLR’s with a variety of lenses although the performance of compact cameras has improved enormously during the last few years and their lighter weight is certainly an advantage. I print all my own images using a variety of paper

I produce work for a local magazine and have sold a few images via Alamy Stock photography.